About Jeanna 


Born in 1982, Jeanna Högberg grew up in a horseloving family. Her mother Marina, being a prominent Arabian Horse breeder on the international market, put Jeanna on the horseback before she could walk. Her mother soon noticed Jeanna´s special talent for riding and has together with close friend Countess Penelope Lewenhaupt been Jeanna´s greatest supporters all along. Making it possible for Jeanna to achieve her goals in riding at the same time as requiering a Degree of Science in Molecular Biotechnology.

Jeanna started off her riding career, focusing on reaching for the top already as a little girl and it did not take long before she put her name on the map. In her early teens she won the bronze Medal in the Swedish Eventing Championships, twice, that was  in Pony category B!

Jeanna´s love for the horse, riding skills and dedication has brought her along on a fan

tastic journey. She has won 4 individual Gold Medals in the Swedish Dressage Championships, 2 individual Silver Medals in the Nordic Dressage Championships, 1 Gold Medal in the Nordic Team Dressage Championships and 1 Silver Medal in the Swedish Team Dressage Championships. Jeanna has all together participated in 5 European Championships, two as a Pony Rider, one as a Junior rider and two as Young Rider. 

As a result of Jeanna´s ambitions and achievments she received the prestigeous AJAX Award in 2008. This gave her the oppurtunity to fully concentrate on her own horses, aiming for the international scene . This hard job paid off well, Jeanna has now proudly educated both of her two competition mares Kataleis Vilja and Liza Minelli all the way from LA to Grand Prix level!

Beside winning the Ajax Award, Jeanna has been nominated "Star of tomorrow" in  2008, 2009, 2010 by the Swedish Equestrian Federation and as "Comet of the Year" in 2010 by the Magazine Ridsport. She is part of the Swedish National Dressage Team as one of their future equipage and is regularely training with the Team´s Supervisor; Kyra Kyrklund.

Passion, dedication and a great love for horses has taken Jeanna to where she is today. She is known for her very gentle but effective riding and her ability to make her horse do wonders for her. This is particularly shown in her impeccable way of training and matching young horses for the Championships. In 2009 she brought Carea to a 2:nd place in Breeder´s Trophy, 2010 Darcia and Wellington to placements in Falsterbo, Scandinavian Open, Breeder´s Trophy and Champion of the Winners in the Stockholm Horse Show. Together with Wellington, Jeanna represented Sweden in the World Championship for Young Horses in 2010 and 2011 in Verden, Germany. 2014 was the first year Jeanna rode in the senior national team at the World Equestrian games in Normandy with Darcia.

Welcome to the world of Jeanna Högberg Dressage, we hope you´ll enjoy the ride!